Visit of a delegation of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) | Boston, Washington DC, Ottawa | 15 – 22 November 2012

ANCC01 ANCA03 ANCA02 ANCA01 AHI02 AHI01 USCIRF05 USCIRF04 Boston23 Boston24 Boston25 Boston26 Rubin01 USCIRF01 USCIRF02 USCIRF03Boston22 Boston21 Boston20 Boston19 Boston18 Boston17 Boston16 Boston15 Boston07 Boston08 Boston09 Boston10 Boston11 Boston12 Boston13 Boston14Becket02 Becket03 Boston01 Boston02 Boston03 Boston04 Boston05 Boston06 Becket01

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