Todor Mitrovic

Todor Mitrovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1972. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (FLU) University of Arts, Belgrade in 1997. He was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in 2006 and Doctor of Arts in 2015. The title of his PhD art project is Icon – Between the Imprint, the Picture and the Word.
Exhibited at various group and ten solo exhibitions (in Serbia and throughout Europe).

Active engagement in Belgrade art scene with abstract paintings (awarded for exhibition in 1999) till 2003 (last exhibition of secular paintings).

He is an icons painter since 1993. Having experienced diverse modes of artistic expression (portrait, abstract and icon painting), Todor Mitrović is trying to make a bridge between church and contemporary art in his icons. Through artistic and theoretic postgraduate researches he achieved to exhibit icons as an academically recognized development of contemporary artistic scene (magisterium: Iconography as a contemporary painting; doctorate: Icon – Between the Imprint, the Picture and the Word).

In 2002, Todor began teaching teaching different courses about (portable) icon painting, on bachelor and master level, at the Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Fine Arts and Conservation in Belgrade (, in status of Associate Professor.

Writing about church art through the fields of research: art theory, art history (byzantine), theology… Published numerous papers (since 2007), and one book (2012), which was later translated and published on two European languages.

He is a member of international “Eikona” art group (, gathering professors of orthodox church art on European level; member of international research center “Centre Iconographè” (, University of Bucharest.

Todor has published several articles, a book and participated in several international conferences about art and art theory.

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