In mid November, the IAO Secretariat held with great success a meeting in the capital of Albania, Tirana. A success ensured from the interest the Parliament of Albania and its President, Mr. Servet Pellumbi showed on the presence of the IAO Secretariat in Albania, as well as, all the members of Parliament, Orthodox in faith, who had a joint meeting with the members of the Secretariat. The representatives of the Parliament of Albania in the activities of the IAO, Mr. Gaqo Apostoli and Mr. Bardhyl Londo (who is also member of the Committee on Education of the IAO) in a press conference, expressed their satisfaction for the participation of their Parliament in the IAO and pointed out the fact that the Albanian Parliament is one of the founding members of the Assembly. 
The Secretariat dealt with subjects relevant to the activities of the IAO for the year of 2003 and in addition, the Treasurer of the IAO Secretariat, Member of the Greek Parliament and Deputy Minister of Development of the Greek Government, Mr. Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, presented during the meeting of the Secretariat, a report by a certified public accountant, which represents the whole administrative situation on the financial course of the IAO from its foundation up to date.

During their stay in Tirana, the members of the Secretariat had the opportunity to meet with the President of the Albanian Parliament, Mr. Servet Pellumbi, with whom they discussed various subjects, as well as, the active participation of the Parliament of Albania in the IAO activities.

In addition, the participants had a meeting with His Beatitude, The Archbishop of Tirana and all of Albania, Anastasios. During the meeting, His Beatitude informed them of the work the Orthodox Archdiocese has accomplished in Albania and had the opportunity to visit together, the Hospital of the Archdiocese, may be the most complete health institution in the capital city.

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