RESOLUTIONS | 12th Assembly

Geneva, 25 June 2005
1- Tribalism and racism are offending vices not only to mankind but also to God. These vices have precipitated some of the darkest tragedies of human history namely, annihilation through genocide and the degradation of man by fellow man. This constitutes an extreme outrage to mankind that offends the principles of the Orthodox Church in particular and Christianity at large.

2- Scientific and technological advances have widened human understanding of nature and the universe for deeper appreciation of God. At the same time, scientific mastery has carried proud and obliteratory tendencies to the human understanding of the omnipresent and Almighty God. This has posed a serious moral and spiritual challenge to the Orthodoxy and the entire Christian tenets.

3- There is unprecedented proliferation of sects and cults. These tend to eat away mainly at Christianity through compromising of morals and religious heresy. Cults more often claim association and fellowship to the orthodox doctrine of churches and practices but in reality are outrightly sacrilegious. This constitutes a frontal attack not only to Christianism but also to God.

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