1. Expresses its concern over the deterioration of the situation in the Palestinian and Israeli territories and the consequences this deterioration brings upon the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.
2. Condemns the tactic of reciprocal revenge.
3. Condemns the confinement of movement of the legally elected political leaders and the construction of the wall or similar types of confinement, which restrict the peoples’ and products free movement in the region.
4. Supports the dispatchment of an international force of observers to the Palestinian and Israeli territories in order to prevent further bloodshed. The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy is willing to contribute with a delegation of its own, for the detention of the situation in the region.
5. Calls upon the two sides to support the peace-making process and work consistently towards a final and just solution of the Palestinian-Israeli issue based on the pertinent UN Resolutions and any agreements between them, considering that such a solution will contribute to the progress and prosperity of both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, as well as to stability in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean region.
Kiev , 25 June 2004

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