Continuing to follow developments in the course of the Cyprus problem,

Concerned at the perpetuation and consolidation of the occupation of part of the island by turkish troops, as well as at the faits accomplis, which are still being created and make the search for a solution increasingly difficult,

Particularly concerned at the recent intensification of the illegal exploitation of Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied area and at the continuing illegal influx of settlers from Turkey in that area, as facts which impede efforts to solve the problem even further.

Recalling its previous pertinent resolutions from the IAO’s establishment to date, as well as pertinent UN, European Parliament and other international organisations resolutions,

Considering the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union as from 1 May 2004, as well as Turkey’s European perspective,
Noting also the most recent developments in the efforts to reactive the dialogue under UN auspices for a just, functional and viable solution to the Cyprus problem,

Votes as follows:
• Expresses yet again its concern at the continuing de facto division of the island,
• Expresses its satisfaction at the recent resumption of UN efforts to recommence the dialogue for a solution to the Cyprus problem,
• Express its conviction that an agreed solution, resulting from dialogue without stifling time frames and enforcement from outside, a solution on which the two communities will decide without pressure and which will take into account the expectations and concerns of both communities and will safeguard the human rights of both, will constitute the most just, functional and viable solution to the problem in the form of a bizonal, bicommunal federation, based on pertinent UN resolutions and consistent with the acquis communautaire,
• Encourages and supports every effort that envisages this form of solution and calls upon all involved to contribute in a meaningful and positive manner in this direction,
• Calls upon Turkey in particular to fully abide by pertinent UN resolutions, the decisions of the European Union, of which Turkey aims to become a full member, the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and of other international bodies and organisations, also respecting the human rights of the whole people of Cyprus, both Greek and Turkish Cypriots and thus proving its commitment to the spirit and principles, which govern the European Union,
• Expresses its certainty that the reunification of the island will allow the two communities to enjoy the benefits of accession to the EU in a peaceful and secure framework and their common homeland to fully play its role as a bridge for dialogue between Europe and the wider Middle East and between different religions and cultures, aiming at promoting stability and the further development of the Mediterranean in all fields.

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