Member of the Lebanese Parliament
Born on December 8, 1958 in Beit-Mery, Lebanon
Attorney-At-Law, Single.

Parliamentary Activities
Member of the Lebanese Parliament since October 2002.
Member of the “Change and Reform” parliamentary group.
In political and electoral alliance with the Free Patriotic Movement (headed by MP Gen. Michel Aoun).

Rapporteur of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee. Member of the parliamentary Law and Administration Committee.
Member of the “Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption”.
Chair of the Global Working group established by GOPAC on political and parliamentary ethics. Member of the “Parliamentary Network on the World Bank” (PNoWB). Member of “Parliamentarians for Global Action”, an organization dedicated to the development of democracy and the rule of law, particularly promoting the International Criminal Court (ICC). Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.).

Political – Social activities

Long-time civil society activist, mainly within the areas of human rights, anti-corruption, democratization, the rule of law, environment and heritage protection.
Mr. Moukheiber is still active in the following organizations:
Founder, past president and current Board member of the “Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms”; in the latter capacity, he also acts as coordinator of the “Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Association”.
Founder and member of the National Council of the “civic Center for National Initiative”.
Founder and President of the “Lebanese Band Association for the Promotion of Music”.
Lecturer at the St. Joseph University’s faculty of Law and political science in Beirut, teaching a seminar on human rights.


Attorney-At-Law with the Beirut Bar Association since 1981.

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