Ioannis Amanatidis


Member of Parliament, SY.RIZ.A., Thessaloniki A
He was born in 1961 in Kilkis. His parents were both teachers. He lived in Terpni- Serres until 1978, since then he has been living in Thessaloniki.

He graduated from the Οil Chemical Department of T.E.I. Kavalas in 1981 and from the Teachers΄ Training College of Thessaloniki in 1985.
Since 1985, he has been working as a teacher in primary schools of Kalamaria, in Thessaloniki.
He is married to Stamatia Moustaka, a teacher, and he is father of two children.

Parliamentary activities

Member of the Work Committee of SY.RIZ.A
Chairman of the Parliamentary Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad
Member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs
Member of the Special Permanent Committee on Research and Technology

Social Activities

Since 1996, he has been a member of the Teachers΄ Association in Kalamaria, a General Secretary of the A΄ Teachers΄ Association in Thessaloniki, a member of the Executive Committee of E.D.O.TH./N.T. A.D.E.D.Y. and a representative in General Meetings of D.O.E., E.D.O.TH and A.D.E.D.Y. He has always been present in social activities.
Member of the P.K. of P. E. teachers of SYNASPISMOS.

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