DIPLAROS Efthimios


Personal information:

Place of origin and date of birth: 
  Limassol, 18 March 1980.

Marital status:    Married to Argiro Rotsidou; has three sons and one daughter.

Studies:    – Communication and Media (IEK Delta in Thessaloniki, Greece).

– Student in Law (distance learning) at a university of the United Kingdom.

Profession:    Journalist-political reportage.

Foreign languages:   English.

Parliamentary tenure/activity:

Representative of Limassol constituency under the banner of DISY since 2011.

Has previously served as:

– Deputy Parliamentary Spokesperson of DISY.

– Member of the Committee of Selection.

Currently serves as:

– Chairperson of the House Standing Committee on Health Affairs.

– Member of the House Standing Committee on Defence Affairs and of the Ad Hoc House Standing Committee on the Study of the Demographic Problem.

– Member of the delegation of the House to the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO).

Political career:

– Member of the Council of the DISY Youth Organisation (NEDISY) (2001-2003).

– Member of the Limassol Municipal Council (2006-2011).

– Member of the Limassol School Board (2006-2011).

– Member of the DISY Limassol District Council since 2003.

– Member of the DISY Supreme Council since 2003.

– Vice President of DISY since February 2020.

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