The fall meeting of the International Secretariat, Committee Chairpersons and Rapporteurs of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) was held at the seat of the I.A.O., in Athens, 14 – 15 November, presided by the I.A.O. Secretary General, Dr. Andreas Michailidis with the presence of the President of the I.A.O. General Assembly, Mr. Sergei Gavrilov. Christian Orthodox Members of Parliaments-members of the I.A.O, from Albania, Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Sudan participated at the meeting. Moreover, the Deputy Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Mr. Alen Simonyan, head of the Armenian parliamentary delegation to the I.A.O. participated to the works of the aforementioned meeting. The I.A.O. Secretary General, Dr. Andreas Michailidis, the Head of the Greek Parliamentary delegation of the I.A.O., Mr. Maximos Charakopoulos and the 3rd Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament and I.A.O. Alternate Secretary General, Mr. Athanasios Bouras welcomed all participants.

During the meeting, an overview of the activities and contacts made with parliaments and international institutions were presented, as well as the I.A.O. future activities were discussed. Issues of interest were discussed inter alia, the current state of Orthodox culture, as well as the further organization and realization of the I.A.O. future activities. In addition, members of the I.A.O. International Secretariat decided on the venue and time period of the Spring Meeting of the International Secretariat and the 27th General Assembly.

The works of the International Secretariat concluded with the honorary presence of the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Constantinos Tassoulas, who addressed the members of the I.A.O. International Secretariat. During his greeting speech Mr. President stressed the following: «…It is an honor for me to welcome you in Athens and the Hellenic Parliament, the seat of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy, and meet each and every one of you, who form a political, cultural and religious interparliamentary and transnational institution, which is active successfully and continuously, for 26 years … I am sure that the rich work of this interparliamentary institution has a perspective and is able to successfully meet the challenges of our times … The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy… has succeeded in consolidating its presence by promoting highly spiritual values through democratic institutions, has succeeded in inspiring the political world with the religious concerns and modern reflections of the Orthodox Christians, pointing at the same time unity as the fundamental pillar and trespassing potential national or political parties’ stereotypes and prejudices…».

The I.A.O. Members had the opportunity to visit the Exhibition “Rigas Fereos and Revolution” at the premises of the Hellenic Parliament, as well as to observe part of the Plenary Session of the Hellenic Parliament.
Athens, Greece, 14 – 15 November 2019. Meeting of the I.A.O. International Secretariat And Committee Chairpersons And Rapporteurs pdf30
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