ATHENS, 24 – 25 NOVEMBER 2004

The meeting of the I.A.O. Secretariat and Chairmen of its Committees was realized in in its seat in Athens .
The subjects discussed are the following:

  • Next meeting of the I.A.O. Secretariat and Chairmen of the Committees in Athens , on April 17, 2005 .
  • Preparation of the political conference with subject: « NATION, RELIGIONS – ORTHODOXY AND THE NEW EUROPEAN REALITY », on April, 17-19, 2005 in cooperation with the European Parliament.
  • Preparation of the 12 th Annual General Assembly in 24-26 June 2005, in Geneva , Switzerland .
  • Reports – proposals by the Chairmen of the Committees on the future activities of the Committees.

– Nicholas Kotsiras

– Vlad George Nadejde

  • Publication of the minutes of the scientific Seminar held in Volos on May, 15-17 2004 with subject: «Orthodoxy and Education: The lesson on religion as a subject of identity and culture».

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