The dramatic and merciless events surrounding the civil war in Syria unfortunately continue, resulting in the greatest hardship for hundreds of thousands of people.  Among these a large population of Christians who, though completely innocent of what is taking place, are caught between the crossfire and ferocious battles all around them.
Thousands are dead, countless have been injured, left homeless, and deprived of the basic necessities of life.  The heart wrenching site of demolished churches reveals just how much the exemplary social model of peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims–a peaceful coexistence that has successfully lasted many years–has suffered a deep trauma.
Numerous churches from around the world have made numerous declarations, however humanity and solidarity are gradually disappearing to a level never before experienced.
The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) addresses an urgent appeal to the nations and international organizations, to step up the dialogue between the two warring factions. In cooperation with the powerful men and women on earth, their aim needs to be a cessation of growing hostilities between the two factions, a cessation of the persecution of the Christian of Syria, the cessation of unparalleled massacre of human life.
The various (political, religious, racial, and societal) differences between the two factions cannot justify the merciless persecutions, the countless victims and the bloody attempts to change the ethnic or social landscape of the region.  Especially when the ongoing societal peace has been kept in balance for centuries.
The I.A.O. calls on the UN and the Security Council to more deeply pursue solutions to the problems of this region and support of the Christians of Syria, to facilitate the ceasefire, to step in and guarantee the safety of the Christians of Syria, and to strive more effectively for the principles of humanitarianism, democracy, individual rights, and peace in that country.
The I.A.O. also calls the European parliament to act in a more drastic fashion towards the materialization of the bill of the 20th of Jan. 20011, to ensure both the protection and safe transport of the Christians of the area.

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