ATHENS, 10 – 11 APRIL 2006

The meeting of the I.A.O. International Secretariat and the Chairpersons of its Committees was held in its seat in Athens . 
The subjects discussed are the following:

1. The presence of the I.A.O. in Africa
Results of the visit of the members of the International Secretariat in South Africa .
The I.A.O. Secretary General Mr. Stylianos-Angelos Papathemelis, MP presented the results of the meetings held in South Africa while the members of the International Secretariat underlined the positive impression the presence of the I.A.O. left behind at the Orthodox Community in Johannesburg and Pretoria .

2. Preparation – discussion of the 13 th Annual General Assembly with main subject: “The contribution of the Orthodox culture to the construction of a New Europe” which will be held at the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies, Venice , Italy, 21-25 June 2006 .

3. Participation of the I . A . O . at the 9 th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches , held in Porto Alegre , Brazil , 14-23 February 2006.

4. Discussion – implementation of the decision to hold the International Conference with subject : ” Orthodoxy – Bioethics – Legislative and Scientific Initiatives in Europe”, in collaboration with the European Parliament and the European Commission in Delphi , Greece , 17-19 October 2006.
The Chairman of the I . A . O . Committee on Bioethics Mr . Nicholas Kotsiras , MP presented the efforts conducted in collaboration with the I . A . O . Scientific Committee on Bioethics in order to seek for the experts on issues on bioethics in the Autocephalous Churches as well as the scientific field and have their co-operation and participation to this conference.

5. Discussion and a first approach on the publication: «Music of the Christian East».

6. The I.A.O. financial issues
Mr . Boris Plokhotniouk, MP, Chairman of the I . A . O . Financial Committee accepted the proposal of Mr . Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, MP, Treasurer of the I.A.O. for the Financial Committee to have a meeting in May 2006 in order to discuss and approve next year’s financial budget which will be presented during the General Assembly in June.
Furthermore, alternative ways of financial resources were discussed such as the undertaking of the publication of the Minutes of the General Assembly and conferences by the parliaments, as well as for the parliaments to cover the expenses of the participating members.

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