Main subject: “The crisis of the global value system as a challenge before Christian Orthodoxy”.
The General Assembly of the I.A.O.’s 15th anniversary was held in the island of Rhodes from 26 to 28 June 2008.


The works of the 15th I.A.O. General Assembly took place in the Capsis hotel, while the Inaugural Ceremony was realized in the “Our Lady of the Castle” in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, on Thursday, June 26, 2008.

Parliamentary delegations from the following parliaments – members of the I.A.O participated in the General Assembly: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Palestinian Authority, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Uganda and a Member of the Parliament of Montenegro with the status of observers.

The following reports were presented on the main subject:

• “The role of the Orthodox Theological Studies in a modern peoples’ nation” by Prof. Miltiadis Konstantinou, Professor of the Theological School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
• “The paradoxes of Democracy in the 21st century: decadence of concepts and values” by Dr. Natalya Narochnitskaya, PH.D. in History, President of the Foundation for Historical Outlook, Scientific collaborator to the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.
Uganda and Serbia proposed to host the 2009 16th annual I.A.O. General Assembly.

Minutes of the 15th General Assembly

Resolution – Conclusions of the 15th annual General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) | Rhodes, 25 – 29 June 2008

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