An I.A.O. delegation headed by the Alternate I.A.O. Secretary General Mr. Athanasios Bouras, MP and the I.A.O. Advisor Dr. Kostas Mygdalis participated to the Interreligious conference organized by the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called in Patra, Greece.
Mr. Bouras addressed the conference conveying greetings from the I.A.O. Bureau and said inter alia: “… Lord’s disciples are those that lived beside him, and are identified with Christ Himself. In this way, when we refer to their work and His message, we are actually referring precisely to the work of the Gospel and God, as well as His message to the modern world. It is an issue that also reflects upon us in the I.A.O. and which we have approached many times from different points of view, seeking relevant answers. I wish to convey to you that the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy for 24 years is trying to contribute to the consolidation of positions, opinions and policies and the interpretation of social events based on highlighting mutual understanding and peace, based on the Gospel of Christ, through the interreligious dialogue and the establishment of the relations of politics with religions“.

Dr. Mygdalis presented a speech on the topic of the 1st Session “The Contribution of the Orthodox Church to Addressing the Problems of Modern Man” and pointed out: “In this year’s I.A.O. General Assembly, we stress the following:”…Demonising globalisation and new information technologies as the sources of all-evil as some conservative forces, among which part of the Church, do, does anything but help overcome these evils. Such an attitude does not contribute positively to the lives of citizens in general and believers in particular. On the contrary, what is now needed is a serious effort to approach, explore this situation and curtail its negative impact and consequences…”. My personal conviction is that tomorrow will be a completely, unexpectedly different day since there is a change in the tools we use in our productive and social relationships. On the other hand, the new tools are constantly aging at a very fast pace and other new ones are presented while the man, the society cannot fit into the common logic, that one plus one always equals two and never anything else. It is useful that we do not forget what Solzhenitsyn said “Government needs victories and the people need defeats “.
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Patra, Greece, 17 – 18 November 2017. Inter-Orthodox Conference: “We found the Messiah: The Message of Apostle Andreas in the Modern World”. pdf30
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