13 th Assembly |Venice, Italy | 2006 | Resolution – Conclusions

Resolution – Conclusions

We, participants of the 13th annual General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy, held in Venice (Italy), 21-23 June 2006:

Having discussed current problems, of the orthodox community in Europe and the modern world and ways to confront complex oppositions and challenges of our times,

Welcoming the accession to united Europe of new states with Orthodox in majority populations, a fact that will allow them to express their identity in Europe,

Evaluating the moral and cultural values of Christianity and orthodoxy as an important condition for the construction of a new Europe,

Recalling, in the framework of the construction of a new Europe, the importance of the European Union’s Neighbourhood Policy with its eastern and southern neighbouring countries of the Mediterranean, which sets ambitious objectives based on commitments to shared values and effective implementation of political, economic, social and institutional reforms:
We consider essential to declare, that the European culture constitutes a shared property of humanity; the modern world is founded on its values and ideals, which mostly have been shaped by the Orthodox Christianity; Nowadays these values may contribute substantially in averting the danger of the prevalence of a new pretentious form of mass culture, which denies the traditional values of family, religion and culture in its total.
We call upon the Parliaments and the local Orthodox churches to closely collaborate in order to strengthen the influence of spiritual experience of Orthodoxy in the social-public and cultural life, thus restoring the Christian values in social life.
We draw the attention of international political centres to the fact that the cultural identity of each orthodox population as shaped during history, is not and cannot be competitive compared to identities of other populations or states.
We protest on the disastrous consequences of the contemptuous and scornful attitude against holy places, which triggers the increase of extremism and fanaticism.
We consider important I.A.O’s active participation in the international, political, religious and cultural fora, international organisations and unions as well as in bilateral cooperation with the social and cultural organisations and unions, aiming at attracting attention to the long standing cultural and spiritual foundations of Orthodoxy, having shaped values and living standards for many populations and countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, as well as their extended proliferation towards the West.
We confirm readiness to contribute towards promotion and protection the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and liberties of Christian communities, their churches and their, religious, political and parliamentary leaders, particularly the Orthodox, in the Middle East and North Africa, to encourage their time-lasting presence in the region, and to promote their role as an institution of dialogue of cultures and values with Islam and Muslims.

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