Andreas Michailidis


Personal information

Andreas Fr. Michailidis was born on Chios in 1960.
Dr. Specialist Rheumatologist. He has two kids.
Studies: He studied medicine and specialized in Rheumatology. He holds a PhD in the History of Medicine at the University of Thessaly, since 2008.
Foreign Languages: English, Romanian.

Parliamentary Activities

Member of the Hellenic Parliament.
Since January 2015 he is Member of the Parliament with SYRIZA in Chios.
Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs.
Member of the Subcommittee on combating narcotics.
Member of the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad.
Alternate Secretary General of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.).

Political/Social Activities

In 2003, he was elected City Councillor in the Municipality of Chios, as head of the “Movement of Active Citizens”, taking 11%.
He has edited medical and historical publications and has published studies and books. He is curator in the Medical Company Chios’ medical journal «Medicus Hippocraticus».
He is President of the Medical Society of Chios since 2000.
In April 2014 he was elected member of the Board the Medical Association of Chios, curator of the Medical Historical Museum Chios since its creation in 2012, and he represented of the Medical Association of Chios in the National Medical Association (2009-2014).
In 2012 he was elected President of the Friends Association of Korais’ Library of Chios, position that he holds until today. In December 2013 he was elected President of Varvasi Cultural Association – Library “Pharos”.

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