The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

International icon painting competition of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (I.A.O.)

The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a culminating fact in Christian theology. The mother of all celebrations, the hope and light for millions of our planet’s inhabitants, that, for reasons of a change in the calendar some centuries ago, is being celebrated at different dates by the Christian Churches, confessions and religious entities. By sheer calendar coincidence, in 2017, Easter shall be celebrated by all on Sunday, April 16.

Contest rules

Contest general terms are available here:

The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) ( is an interparliamentary body, set up upon the initiative of the Hellenic Parliament. The IAO is comprised of Official Parliamentary Delegations from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus, Moldavia, Ukraine, Poland, Rumania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Montenegro, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, occasionally Lithuania, Finland, groups of MPs and individual MPs from: Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Australia, USA, Canada, Congo, Mozambique, Uganda, Soudan, and Chile.

By its action and initiatives, the IAO contributes to the shaping of political matters based on the century long Christian and Orthodox Tradition.


The Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (IAO), wishing to welcome this fortuitous but highly symbolic fact and to contribute to the efforts to find a way to jointly celebrate this central event in the Christian “eortologio” or Christian celebrations calendar, decided to organise an international icon painting competition with the title “THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST”. The representation of the event of the Resurrection has been for centuries one of the central themes in the art of icon painting.

The present competition aims at exploring and highlighting the modern visual art expressions and representations of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus and shall be based on and inspired by the consecrated forms and styles in the realm of “byzantine” iconography.

Our purpose is to explore and bring to the foreground the numerous stylistic trends in existence today enabling the visualization of a creative dialogue with tradition and, at the same time, the personal artistic expressions of artists who reframe tradition without however digressing from the doctrinal framework of Christian icon painting set by the 7th Ecumenical Council.

Αt the same time, we aim this competition at highlighting on an international level, the contemporary art of icon painting in the Christian East. Let it be stressed at this point that the IAO’s interest and activity encompass the area and tradition of the orthodox Christian world including the old eastern churches. Therefore, the terms “byzantine art” must be understood in its wide sense and as such comprising the ecclesiastical – liturgical hagiographic art of all these peoples and traditions.



The international Jury shall evaluate the photos that each contestant will submit without knowing the names and other details of the contestants, and will then preselect 60 professional and amateur creators of icons. These shall be invited to complete their participation in the competition by delivering within a reasonable space of time (5 to 6 months) their creations on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The 60 icons will be purchased by IAO at the token price of 300 euro each. The Jury shall evaluate the icons and take into consideration the public’s opinion, shall select the five great winners :

1st prize 3000 €

2nd prize 2000 €

3rd prize 1000 €

Two commendations at 500 euro each ( 2 X 500 € )

The five winners shall be invited to the city where the Annual General Assembly will take place around at the end of June 2018. This event will coincide with the 25th anniversary of the IAO’s foundation. This is where the exhibition will be inaugurated and open its doors to the public and the prizes handed over to the winners. The names of all the participating artists shall be written up and they will also appear in the two-volume work to be published on the occasion.

How to participate

Entering the contest is free of charge.

Entries must be received between
May 15 and July 30 2017.

The technical terms of participation in the contest are available here:


By registering in the contest, you must upload up to 3 photos with older hagiographies you have created on various themes.

Evaluation Committee

The Competition’s Jury is international and it is composed of ten members and the IAO two advisors.

George D. Kordis (head)

Assistant Professor at the University of Athens, hagiographer, Greece. Graduate of the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens (1975-1979). Postgraduate specialization in theology and aesthetics of Byzantine Art and Fine Arts in Boston (USA). Ph.D. from Athens University (School of Theology) in 1991. Since 1990 he teaches hagiography lessons and lectures in Greece and abroad, ha has done hagiography in temples in Greece and abroad, while exhibiting his work in solo and group exhibitions. George D. Kordis

Annemarie Weyl Carr

President of the International Center of Medieval Art, Distinguished professor emerita of art history at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA. She received her BA degree from Swarthmore College and her MA and PhD from the University of Michigan. She has worked especially on the history of the icon, on questions of cultural interchange in the eastern Mediterranean Levant in the era of the Crusades, above all on the island of Cyprus, and on women artists in the Middle Ages. Annemarie Weyl Carr

Mihai Coman

Assistant Professor at the Department of Hagiography and Conservation of Ecclesiastical Works of Art, "Justininan Patriarhul" Theological School at the University of Bucharest, Romania. Graduate of the School of History and Art Theory of the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1997-2002). Master's degree in Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of Bucharest (2003-2005). Doctor of the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens (2016). Mihai Coman

Todor Mitrovic

Associate Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Conservation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (FLU) University of Arts, Belgrade in 1997. He was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in 2006 and Doctor of Arts in 2015. He is an icons painter since 1993. Todor Mitrovic

Todorov Todor Enchev

Lecturer at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Veliko Tyrnovo, Bulgaria. Expert in Christian Archaeology, Art and Architecture. He studied at the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, Faculty of Theology, Department of Theology, and he has a Master’s degree. He received his Ph.D. from University of Veliko Turnovo St Cyril and St. Methodius, Faculty of History, Department of Archaeology in 2016.

Todorov Todor Enchev

Adel Nassief

Hagiographer, specializes in the creation of Mosaics, Icons and Frescoes, Egypt. Bachelor of fine Arts, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria, Department of Painting. He's studies specialized in Coptic Art and Icons at the Institute of Coptic Studies, Cairo. He is a member of the Syndicate of Plastic Arts, Egypt and the Society of Artists and Writers, Egypt. Adel Nassief

Seyranush Manukyan

Art historian, professor at the State University of Erevan, Armenia. She studied Russian language and Literature in Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Department of Philology from 1966 to 1967 and History of Art in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History from 1967 to 1972. She received her PhD from National Academy of Sciences Institute of the Arts, Dissertation “Rubrication in the Illumination System of Armenian Manuscript Gospels”.

Seyranush Manukyan

Manana Michailidou

Hagiographer, Lecturer at Theological Academy and Seminar of Tbilisi, Georgia. She completed her studies at the State University of Tbilisi, Georgia at the Eastern Language School. He studied hagiography at the Panselinos School and until now she works in this profession. Since 2010, on a proposal from Patriarch Georgios Elias II, he teaches hagiography at the Theological School of Georgia. She works as a hagiographer in various monasteries in Georgia, Palestine and Jerusalem. Manana Michailidou

Sheredega Nataliya NIkolayevna

Head of the Department of Ancient Russian Art, Tretyakov Gallery, Russia. She studied at Moscow State University of M. B. Lomonosov, at the history department, at the seat of the History of Art. In 1972 she received her diploma in the specialty of "Critic and Art Historian". In 1972 she began working at the State Tretyakov Art Gallery, where she works until today. Since 2009 she is head of the Department of Ancient Russian Art at the State Tretyakov Art Gallery. In 2008 she was awarded from the Russian Orthodox Church with the distinction of St. Euphrosyne II. Sheredega Nataliya NIkolayevna

Kvlividze Nina Valerievna

Associate Professor of the Theory and History of Art of the Russian State University of Theoretical Studies, Russia. Professor, president of history and theory of ecclesiastical art at Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy. Doctor and art critic, Associate Professor. Scientific officer of the Church Art Editorial and Archeology of the Orthodox Encyclopedia. Member of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, Specialist in Byzantine, Ancient Russian Art and Christian iconography. Author of more than 80 scientific papers. Kvlividze Nina Valerievna

Valery Alexeev

Professor of Philosophy, Avdisor of the I.A.O. One of the outstanding specialists around the world on research for the church‑state relations in Russia in the XXth century. Advisor to the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, 1994–2004. Founder (1995) and President of the International Foundation of the Union of the Orthodox nations, the Trustee Council (of which is under the auspices of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russians, Alexiy II, starting from the founding date). Valery Alexeev

Konstantinos Mygdalis

Dr. of Theology, Architect, Advisor of I.A.O. Member of the Organisational Committee of Pan‑European Congress Orthodoxy in the New European Reality (1993) organized by the Greek Parliament. Founding member of the Centre for Ecumenical Studies and Inter‑Orthodox Information seated in Thessaloniki.

Konstantinos Mygdalis


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